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About the Practitioner

Amma Liu  (Owner / Practitioner)
LMBT #  01734

Amma is trained in various modalities including Deep Tissue, Clinical Neuromuscular, Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, Hot Stones, and many more.

*  Massage is Human natural need. Without it, no one would live healthily. The professional 
touches listen to your body’s need and spreads universal love.  
*  Massage is the healthcare necessity. It is more than pampering and relaxing. It prevents 
your body to be sick and assists your body to heal!
*  Massage is more than physical therapy. It connects mind and spirit with your body.
It’s the most pleasurable treatment of any kind.
*  Massage is for every one, from newborn baby to senior citizens; healthy person to cancer 
*  Massage is Science, for which right techniques have proven results.
*  Massage is Art, for which right touches can only come from the heart!

Stephen Pollock  (Manager / Practitioner)
LMBT # 15275
SC#      10057


Stephen is trained in multiple modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Clinical Neuromuscular, Hot and Cold Therapy, Sports Massage.  Most of his sessions combine aspects of each modality to better treat the human body.

I work hard to provide the best therapeutic experience for each and every client.  There is never a set script that I follow, my sessions are taylored to individuals at the time of treatment.  I wish to help you be the best possible you.

Lydia Bailey (Practitioner)
LMBT # 15250

Lydia is an experienced professional and very knowledgeable on matters of the human mind and body. In education she holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and graduated from Southeastern Institute of Charlotte for Professional Clinical Massage Therapy at the top of her class. Having a thirst for knowledge and wanting to expand her understanding about the science of people both intellectually and physiologically is what drew Lydia to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. In a short time Lydia has gained a wealth of knowledge in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular (NMT) and Prenatal massage. Stress can take a major toll on our physical bodies (e.g. sitting at a desk all day for work or being an athlete).

Lydia is dedicated to improving the mind, body, spirit balance to facilitate healing and improve quality of life. As a somatic healthcare professional, Lydia specializes in working closely with clients, understanding their needs, developing and executing a plan to enhance performance and alleviate physical discomfort.


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