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Energetic Treatments
 "All Matter is Energy!" --- Albert Einstein

    "Energy healing is the NEXT BIG FRONTIER IN MEDICINE" -- Doctor Oz                  
(November 20, 2007 on Oprah show, and in NY Times #1 book "You"!)

    "Future Medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body"-- Professor 
William Tiller - Stanford

     "The energy field starts it all!" -- Professor Harold Burr, PhD, Yale University

     "Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter!" -- 
Albert Szent-Gyorgi, M.D. Nobel Prize Laureate, Hungary

     "Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented by energy field assessment!" --      
George Crile, Sr. M.D. Founder of the famous Cleveland Clinic



The energetic treatments we offer:

Chinese meridian massage / Tuina / Anmo
Acupressure Treatment
Amma Therapy
Quatum Touch
Reconnective Healing
Therapeutic Touch
Touch for Health
Craniosacral Therapy
Body Talk Therapy
Muscle Testing
Aroma Therapy
Gemstone Therapy
Bach Flower Therapy

Treatment charge:
Determined by the practitioner and the treatment type.  

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