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On-Site Group Services

This service is offered to any organization ( corporations, companies, churches, schools, any office.....) who like to show how much they care for their employees or associates. By offering our service in a regular basis, we believe the organization will increase the loyalty and better productivity from the recipients!  

All our therapists are well trained. We can make a difference in just few minutes of sessions! More important, we like to be your on-site health providers to provide affordable preventative care in a regular basis!

We also offer service to any private parties for any occasion!

Call Amma Liu at 704-525-9909, we can discuss your specific needs.
Or email us:

Special multi-hour, multi-people rate:

$60/hr. (up to 2 hours/per trip/per therapist)
$55/hr. (up to 4 hours/per trip/per therapist)  
$50/hr. (up to 6 hours/per trip/per therapist)
$45/hr. (over 6 hours/per trip/per therapist)
Contract rate*: $10 off/per hour from above.
(*Sign a regular service plan for min. 3 times in a year. )

All above rates charged by hour, regardless the number of people we serve.

Session length may be run from 5 minute to 120 min per person upon the host/guest request.


Time count starts from Therapist arriving to leaving, including all the necessary breaks between the sessions.


Service may be performed on massage chair or table of your choice.

We bring all supplies we need.

Advanced booking and credit deposit required, at least 2 days in advance.

Service after 9pm incurs $20/hr extra charge.  

Well-organized hosting will help save time and money!

Plan early, call us now!


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