Charlotte Massage & Bodywork Center
Our Mission

Charlotte Massage and Bodywork Center is the place where you can find what TRUE massage & bodywork is meant to be!

Charlotte Massage & Bodywork Center

   While the luxury spas provide the lavish beautification and pampering escape; the medical doctors provide the ultimate life-rescue at a costly expense, Charlotte Massage & Bodywork Center is the place where you can find affordable and pleasurable treatments that take care of your day to day health maintenance.
   Established by local licensed massage & bodywork therapists, we understand what the real body needs! To promote better health in YOU is our only goal!
   Variety and Quality are the two jewels in our crown! Not only do we provide more choices of service to meet wide range of needs, but also we're striving to work more effectively to save our client's time and money! Massage & bodywork is for every one!   


Our Mission

* To demonstrate the high quality massage & bodywork therapies that complements conventional health care professions.
* To Provide varieties of choices to serve different needs without sacrificing quality and affordability.
* To connect people who are in need of friendly attention and caring touch!

Re-define & Re-discover the meaning of "Massage"!

Massage is a human natural need. Without it, no one would live healthily. The professional touch listens to your body’s need and spreads universal love.  
Massage is a healthcare necessity. It is more than pampering and relaxing. It helps prevent your body from being sick and assists your body to heal!
Massage is more than physical therapy. It connects mind and spirit with your body. It’s the most pleasurable treatment of any kind.
Massage is for every one, from newborn baby to senior citizens; healthy person to cancer patients.
Massage is Science, for which right techniques have proven results.
Massage is Art, for which right touches can only come from the heart!

Understand what is "Bodywork"

   Bodywork therapy employs series of physical exercises & interactive body movements to promote energy flow and to connect the whole body. It goes beyond massage "soft tissue manipulations" into a deeper sense of self healing process.   

   It may also extend to variety of therapeutic modalities that are associated with the body but employ universal or bio-energetic force to work in one's physical or emotional and spiritual level.



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