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“We have a place for you”
                                      ------An open letter to all the LMBTs

Dear Fellow LMBTs:

You may have heard this phrase: “We have a place for you” from one of the major massage companies in Charlotte. We would say the same, but we are completely different!

The differences are:
1)  At our place, you are your own boss!  
2)  You set your price for your practice. You get 100% of commission to yourself!
3)  You work whenever you want and however you want.
4)  Your clients are yours! You treat them the way you want.

You would agree this is fundamentally different! At the other businesses, they treat you as a laborer. You are compensated less than other skilled blue-collar workers. They told you: “you are independent contractor”, but you have no choice of whom you want to work on; how you want to 
work; and how much you want to get paid. Most important: You don’t get to share their profits!  Their business is not constructed to benefit you. You don’t have a business!

At Charlotte Massage & Bodywork Center, we have no intention of making profits by using you as laborer. We provide a nicely constructed working environment for you to grow your business! You, as business owner, do whatever you decide to do. You give out your business cards; work on whomever you like to work on; and when and how…  All you need to do with us is to pay the rent.  No contract to sign. No long term binding commitment.  It’s a perfect place for part time therapists.

Advantages over other rental places:

Convenient location : only one block from I-77, exit 5. Easy to get from all directions around Charlotte. Easy to give direction.   

Professional environment: working with other licensed therapists. You gain established good business image and support.

Attractive and safe atmosphere: beautiful interior equipped with security alarms and live guards. Busy commercial park with plenty of parking spaces.  

All the necessary supplies are provided: including, oil, sheets, pillow, bolsters, chair, music, etc. All you need to bring are your heart and your hands! (You’re welcome to bring your own preferred lotion, music or whatever.)

Rent includes use of our “3-in-1” sauna/steam/shower facility. Your client will love it! You may charge more for your session because of it.

Affordable and reasonable rate. Pay only the hours you work. No contact. No monthly payments.

We take credit /debit card for you and pay you with cash right away!

We are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day!  Monday to Saturday 9-9. Sunday 11-6. 
Extended hours may be considered for good reasons.


Double-room for couples massage available also!


Workshop or party space (approximately 500 sq.ft. room with its’ own restroom and separate 
entrance) available for rent too!

                                                      Our Room Rent Rate:

           By single session:                                                             Rent by hours:
        a 30-min session - $10                                                    Up to 3 hours - $40
        a 60-min session - $20                                                    Up to 6 hours - $70
        a 90-min session - $30                                                    Up to all day - $100
       a 120-min session - $40

Remember our rents include full services and all utilities in addition to all the massage supplies. 
You also get tax deduction on your rents!

If you like to put more money to your own pocket, you may also bring your own sheets, lotion and 
supplies. You will save $5 for each session.

Moreover, you may take our clients when we have over-flow and you have spare time. In that case, 
we will pay you commission (Rate based on experience. No less than $30/hour.)

You may print our location on your business cards to promote your business. We can also take your calls 
for you if you are inconvenient to answer your client’s call.

In short, we love to work together with you!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Amma Liu,
LMBT & Director of Charlotte Massage & Bodywork Center
730 Arcade Square, Tyvola Rd, Charlotte

Workshop /Seminar  or Party space available

   Approx. 500 sq.ft. room with its’ own restroom and separate entrance.

Under 10 attendants  -   $30 for 2 hours
                                    $50 for 4 hours
                                    $80 for all day
10 - 20 attendants  -       $40 for 2 hours
                                    $60 for 4 hours
                                    $100 for all day
20- 40 attendants  -       $50 for 2 hours
                                    $80 for 4 hours
                                    $150 for all day

(Above prices are for the space only. Any supply/furniture/equipment may be extra.)

(Revised Dec. 2015)

Equipment for rent:

  Portable massage bed: 

  Portable massage chair: 

Detoxifying bath/foot-bath system:  
$125/week;  $200/bi-week

Hand-held waive-action massager:
$5/day; $20/week

Hand-held Shiatzu Kneading machine:
$5/day; $20/week

Thermal Spine Massage Bed:

Oxygen Bar (with 4 bar stools nose hoses, and operator)
$500/occasion  (up to 5 hours).


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