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What is Clinical Massage & Bodywork treatment?

Clinical massage & bodywork therapy treats the physical conditions that are caused by physiologically and anatomically malfunctioning systems. Treatment goal is usually focused to the corrective function of the body. It requires more advanced manual techniques.

What kind of conditions are treated by Clinical Massage & Bodywork?

Any soft tissue or connective tissue issue: such as contracted, restricted; injured, torn, sprained or strained muscles, tendons, or ligaments; pain conditions; postural imbalance; neurological condition and myoskeletal misalignment; in any part of your body!

What are the differences between clinical massage and therapeutic massage?

Clinical massage requires more strict clinical protocols: such as spending more time to investigate the history of the condition, pre-treatment assessment; and post-treatment assessment. It also may require a clear treatment plan and a series of treatment sessions. Written documentation is also required. Therefore, it may meet your health insurance requirements for reimbursed expenses.  While therapeutic sessions may require none of above.

Who should get a clinical treatment?

Anybody with a serious physical condition, that has restricted or limited normal body functions and requires more than general therapeutic care, should see a clinical therapist for a more advanced treatment, especially if you require an insurance reimbursement.

The techniques we may apply include, but not limited, are:
Deep tissue therapy
Trigger point therapy
Neuromuscular therapy
Orthopedic massage
Myoskeletal alignment techniques
Myofascial release therapy
Lymphatic drainage therapy
Orthopedic massage
Sports Massage
Muscle Energy Technique
Positional Release
Craniosacral Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Active Isometic Stretch Techniques
OrthoBionomy Therapy
Thermal Therapy   

Treatment Charge:
15 minutes pre treatment assessment & consultation  --  FREE
15 minutes treatment increment (1 insurance unit) - $25
Documentation for Insurance - $20

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