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Therapeutic Treatments


Whether it's pure massage (soft tissue manipulation) or some kind of  bodywork (beyond Massage), therapeutic treatments target relaxation and restoration. By reducing the physical tension and stress resulting in mental relaxation and deep inner balance, the body will therefore recover and rejuvenate itself.

Whether you have knots in the tissue or not; whether you are in pain or not, a soothing manipulation of the soft tissues, combined with gentle and deeper pressure; moving or holding; kneading or pushing; various techniques may be applied to assist your body to relax and to reach the therapeutic results!

Therapeutic treatments usually take the whole body approach and work out any imbalance in any part along the way.

Most common used techniques in therapeutic treatment are:

•        Swedish Massage (skin lubrication applied)
•        Chair (Seated) Massage
•        Esalen (California Style) Massage              
•        Deep Tissue Massage
•        Hot Stone/ or Towel Massage
•        Pre/ Post-natal Massage
•        Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage
•        Thai (Yoga) Bodywork
•        Shiatsu / Ashiatsu (Japanese) Therapy
•        Ayurvedic (Indian) Massage
•        Cupping Therapy
•        Bamboo Massage
•        Foot Massage
•        Facial Massage
•        Body Polish or other skin treatment
•        Body Slim wrap and treatment
•        Movement Therapy

  …  and varieties of other Bodywork therapies and treatments.



Treatment Charge:

Basic $20 / 15 minute, regardless what techniques we use.

      Sessions in the private treatment room, on the massage table,
with sheet and oil are as listed:
      30 minutes session = $40;
      45 min.= $60;
      60 min.= $80;
      90 min. = $120, etc.

You may choose preferred techniques and styles. or leave that to us, but you determine the price and the treatment length!
It's your health, your money; YOU are the boss!

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